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Texas Criminal Appellate & Post-Conviction Defense

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We Tell Your Story to the Decision Makers Who Matter.

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Gone to Court? Been convicted?

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Freud Law P.C. is passionate about defending you and your rights post-conviction  across Texas. At Freud Law P.C. we strongly believe that the best way to help our clients’ unique legal challenges is for us to understand our clients’  cases and lives so we can tell their stories to the appellate decision makers who matter. This can be a trial judge on a motion for new trial or post-conviction DNA motion, or the Court of Criminal Appeals on a petition for discretionary review. 

To learn more about our unique appellate & post-conviction practice based in Central Texas, call us today or secure a consultation through the Book Online menu tab. Your case is important to us. Contact us now.


Motions for New Trial & Direct Appeals

The First Chance to Reverse Your Conviction

We can handle your direct appeal, beginning with a motion for new trial all the way through briefing, a motion for rehearing, and onto a petition for discretionary review to the highest criminal court in the state, the Court of Criminal Appeals. 

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